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Make a life-changing impact on the lives of women and children by supporting transitional housing in Orillia

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Transitional housing is dependent on a reasonable supply of affordable housing. Long-term and sustainable solutions to homeless and precarious housing dema

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Join our network of support empowering women and children through volunteer efforts.

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Couchiching Jubilee House

Empowering vulnerable women to improve the quality of their lives through a program of individualized support and transitional housing.

For the past eighteen (19) years, Couchiching Jubilee House has gathered together a committed, compassionate and resourceful group of women and men to create a place of belonging that is non-judgmental, provides life skills, personal supports and resources to the community for women and their children. CJH has been fortunate to own a four-plex that contains four big, bright, two bedroom fully furnished apartments where women can take the time to heal and work towards a brighter, secure future.

Dependents Wait List

Number of households with dependents on the Simcoe County Affordable Housing Waitlist.

Total Housing Waitlist

Total of households on the Simcoe County Affordable Housing Waitlist.

Wait Time

Average wait time for a family with dependent to gain Simcoe County affordable housing in years.




Our Fearless Females Movement

We are on a mission to elevate women and you can be a part of it.  Nominate a fearless woman and she may be featured in our 2020 Fearless Females fundraising calendar.  

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