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Client Case Study - Carol

Jubilee House and the women who are part of it, saved my life!

When my marriage of nineteen years ended, I was devastated. We married young and had four wonderful children. Being a wife and mother was all I really knew. I sank into a very deep hole, just me…and a bottle. I isolated myself from everyone who cared about me. I felt worthless, that I didn’t want or deserve to live. I was being evicted from my apartment and my children no longer wanted to be around me. I felt that I had hit my bottom. Little did I know there were many more bottoms to come. A woman told me about Jubilee House. Although I still had many struggles, the directors and volunteers were amazing. They were always there for me and stood by me. They helped me to see that I am somebody, worthy of great things in my life. After leaving Jubilee House, I returned to school. All of my children, and a few ladies from Jubilee attended my graduation. I now live in affordable housing, have great relationships with my children, and recently started working. Life is good!

I have many people to thank for helping me turn my life around. Special thanks to Connie and Jane, you never gave up on me. I will forever be grateful for Jubilee House and the difference a place lie this can make in someone’s life.

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