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Details About Our Program

Couchiching Jubilee House supports women with a diverse range of individual challenges and needs. For this reason, we develop programming and support tools tailored to each unique individual.  Through caring and nurturing case management, women are empowered to set their own goals while we provide a network of support to help them achieve them. 

Residential Program:

  • Transitional, supportive, safe, affordable housing for women and their dependent children
  • One-to-One Support dedicated to helping our women succeed 
  • Monthly Circles of Support (a team of volunteers, case workers, and counsellors) dedicated, team focused and resident centred on helping with individual short and long-term goals
  • Facilitation with accessing, helping and engaging participants with resources like; permanent housing (within Simcoe County) and or other community resources or opportunities needed and wanted   
  • Interactive and individualized workshops/activities/presentations: designed to build upon personal and professional growth and development  
  • Skill-Development Programming (nutrition, budget management, employment building skills, healthy parenting, self-care, personal development etc

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